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Review: rodeoH Harness March 28, 2012

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Back in December Scarlet’s Letter did a giveaway on her blog for the new rodeoH harness which everyone was buzzing about at the end of last year. I won. I never win things, so this was pretty exciting. I’d been wanting to try it out. I’d just gotten a new harness, but this was underpants AND a harness in one. I’m a big fan of things I can do multiple things with, and I was in need of new undies, so what the heck? I entered. I won. She mailed it to me. I got it home and opened up the package.

The rodeoH comes in this little microfibre pouch which, I must admit, reminded me a bit of the 90’s. Remember Oakleys? Know anyone who had them? They came in, you guessed it, a small microfibre pouch. Now it makes sense to me for sunglasses to come in such a pouch. It protects the lenses, gives you something to clean them with, I get it. A harness on the other hand? If it’s gonna come in a pouch of some sort I need it to fit stuff. Yes, if I pay attention and fold the rodeoH up I can get it back into its little pouch. But if I’m in a hurry, packing up my toybag and headed off to a play party I don’t want to have to fuss over it. I’d also like to fit other things in alongside my harness. Things like, oh I don’t know, maybe the cock I’m going to use with it, condoms, lube… y’know, things that go hand-in-hand with strap-on use. Also, since the pouch is small, I promptly lost it. It’s buried somewhere in a pile of laundry I’m sure, or it ended up going through the wash and is stuck inside a trouser leg. I’ll find it eventually.

The rodeoH also comes with a dogtag. Yeah, I don’t know why either. There’s this trend right now of toys coming with silly accessories. PicoBong and their weird little D6. Lelo with their cufflinks and pins. Because that’s just what you want when you buy yourself a new dildo or vibrator- a new tie pin. WTF? Most of these are luxury toys at that, and priced rather highly. Cut the crap and drop the price y’all. Anyhow, back to the rodeoH and its silly dogtag. I have nothing against dogtags. I wear one every day (it’s from my Daddy), but why I would want to wear one branded with the harness/underpants I’m wearing is beyond me.

So, silly trinket and too-small storage pouch aside, I’m still not sure how I feel about the rodeoH as a harness but I do know that they rock as underwear. The other day I found myself to be out of clean underwear, sorely in need of doing laundry, but no time before work. I figured why not, and put on the rodeoH, afterall they are designed like underwear. Gotta say, these are probably one of the most comfortable pairs on underpants I’ve worn. Easy to forget that I even had them on, which is a feat of underpants engineering if you ask me. I’d love to go commando, it’s super comfy, but my self-cleaning oven is just a bit too efficient, so it’s not really feasible in my world. Oh well. I’ll gladly wear the rodeoH instead!

As a harness though, the rodeoH falls a bit flat for me. Literally. Putting a cock into the rodeoH, even a small cock, is just too weighty and causes the front of the harness to dip, and my penis to sag. It’s sad really, no one wants a saggy penis. I got the 39-41 inch size in the rodeoH, as I’ve got some hip and thigh, but it’s decently snug. Snugger than I’d normally wear underpants, but not so much that they’re uncomfortable. If I went any smaller I do know that I would have fit issues around the thigh. Also, despite the appearance of standard mens briefs, the rodeoH rides low. Lower than men’s low-rise briefs, and lower than my fancy gay-man underwear from the designer mens underwear store. Once you add the weight of a dipping cock to it, I certainly felt as if the harness was going to slide down my ass mid-fuck. Not cool.  The o-ring on the rodeoH is not as stretchy as I’d expected either. Having tried other integral-ring harnesses which can accommodate some serious dildo-age, I was rather disappointed. Even moreso when I noted that upon inserting (and removing) the first cock I tried with the rodeoH, which was a rather modest 1½” in diameter, the seaming on the o-ring split. Definitely doesn’t bode well for larger toys or rigorous fucking. Lastly, I tried using the rodeoH as a packing harness, but most packys are too soft and slender and slip out through the ring, or dangle most unappealingly as they slip through until the balls block the ring and barely keep the now even more flaccid soft-pack from hitting the floor. This is a place where an extended tab base like that of the Private would be ideal.

I hear that rodeoH has come out with a boxer-brief style harness, and wonder if the addition of legs would give more stability, and allow for getting a size down without being too restricting. I’m curious. As it stands, I liked the rodeoH in theory, but in execution it’s not quite there. Comfy undies though. I think for now I’ll stick to modifying a pair of snug briefs, if I want that look. It’s worked well enough for folk, including Little Brother (who turned me on to the idea). One final note, because it’s been bugging me through writing this whole review. What’s up with the name and the funny capitalisation anyway? I keep wanting to flip it around, hoping it’ll make some cutesey or sexy word, but no- Hoedor. Sounds like the name of a place in Middle Earth. Or a dwarven king. Or something.


Pleasurists #172 March 25, 2012

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Welcome to Pleasurists, a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days. If you like what you see and want more of it be sure to follow the RSS Feed and Twitter for updates.

Did you miss Pleasurists 171? Read it all here. Do you have a review for Pleasurists 173? Be sure to read the submission guidelines and then use the submission form to submit before Sunday March 25th @ 11:59pm Pacific. (more…)


Review: Captain (including commentary from Little Brother’s Papa) March 22, 2012

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Oh captain… my captain… (yes, this reference will get used more than once in this review, so let’s just come to terms with that right now shall we?). Good Vibrations’ Captain has been hanging around my apartment for some time. I’ve used it as a model for some interesting projects, taken it along as a teaching tool, and sent it home with my Brother. I’ll be honest- I’m more than a bit intimidated by the Captain. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not a size queen. I don’t immediately go for the largest thing I can stuff up my cunt, and I definitely do not aim high when it comes to trying to fit things in my ass. So when I got the Captain in the mail, boy was I worried when upon taking it out of the box I couldn’t wrap my fingers around the widest point on here. No really, and I have long fingers too.

Once I got over my shock on the size of the Captain (yes, I’d read the specs on it, but that didn’t mean it really computed in my head until I had it cock-in-hand), I was really astounded by what I saw. The Captain has probably one of the best sculpt jobs I’ve seen on a realistic cock EVER. I really do wonder if this was a life-cast rather than a free sculpt. It’s just so well done. Firstoff- the Captain is asymmetrical. If you were to bisect it right down the length, you would end up with two rather different halves. There’s a pronounced bulge to one side. The veins aren’t mirrored on both sides. The frenulum isn’t straight. The corona isn’t perfectly even. These aren’t casting defects, this is how the Captain was made, and I love it. If more cocks were made like this, I’d probably like realistic toys a hell of a lot better than I do.

The Captain is of GoodVibes’ own manufacture. I’m not sure who is doing the fabrication on these, but I’m sure curious. The texture is wonderful for a single-density silicone. Firm but not rock hard, with a soft velvety texture. The only part that is glossy silicone is the flat end on the base. This is probably the least linty silicone toy I’ve come across to-date, and I’ve really put this one through the wringer when it comes to lint collection (a story for another day, but trust me it’ll get told). I feel like if there were any improvements to be made on the texture here, it’s that I want to see what this would be like in dual-density. Oh gd, just thinking about that makes me wonder if we’re on the verge of the awesomest realistic cocks out there. We just might be. Well, except for one thing…

The size. Yes- I’ve tried the Captain (I think I’d risk being keelhauled if I didn’t). No, it didn’t go very well. At 7 1/2″ long and 1 7/8″ wide, the Captain is really asking a lot of me. I can’t say for sure, since I’ve never actually measured any of the real-life cocks I’ve enjoyed, but this certainly FEELS like way too much of a challenge. My vagina is not a happy camper with this much girth at all with this firm of a material. That’s part of why I want to see this in dual-density, that outer squishy layer does amazing things for being able to stuff large things up inside me. For those who love a big cock, or are fans of toys that give a serious sense of fullness? Definitely check it out.

What did the boys have to say? Well…

Captain, my captain! You would think the boy would start getting nervous whenever we get the call that his Big Sister has ANOTHER huge toy for us to review. Good Vibes’Captain was no exception. This was one of the first giant toys passed our way and you should have seen the way his eyes watered! You might begin to think it hurt him, but if you really know the boy you know that joy is usually what makes him cry. Though some of those tears were from pain, that’s because we like things rough. This toy performed well on all fronts: harness, underwear, between my legs, in my hands, and when left alone with the boy. His only real complaint was the rigidity of this form of silicone. Though it is softer than the Tantus Goliath he bought several years ago (one of the largest silicone life-like dildos on the market in it’s time). Captain is slightly larger: 1/8 inches of girth and 1/4 inch in length, but it’s suppleness made it easier to accommodate and that length really makes the difference when thrusting. I complain often that I lose length when using a harness (and could still really use this girthy of toy with a bit more length) but they are getting closer. The realness of the shape of this cock is remarkable and if large, life-like, veiny, cocks are your thing the Captain can take you to shore.

Huge thanks to Good Vibes for making the Captain, and for letting us come aboard. After time with the Captain, I might just have to give the First Mate a go as well, lest I get forced to walk the plank.


Adventures In… Fantasies, Kink, and Bucket Lists March 14, 2012

Last February I posted about being asked what my sexual fantasies were, and my issues expressing or understanding them (such as they were). At the time I was struggling with how small and vulnerable I felt being asked to tell my Daddy about my fantasies were, what thoughts came up upon seeing him, and what things got me off at home when we were apart. I was very shy and the shyness about these questions made me feel very Little indeed. I came to the conclusion that I don’t fantasise like others, and rather fixate on things from past experiences, and that fills my fantasy gap. I was content with answer at the time, it seemed.

We’re a few weeks past a year later, and here I am to think on it some more. I’ve actually been thinking on this quite a bit of the last few months, through my time laid up from surgery and illness (those really are some good times to just sit back and think about yourself and your goals and feelings, I find). Later in the same year Lee Harrington’s delightful journal on Sexual Fantasy was published and helped me further into insight of how to create these solid communicable ideas which I can open up to others, and where my fears lie, to accept those, and put them in the open as well. There are certainly worries and fears, moreso perhaps for those of us who do feel Little and as such want to blush, hide, runaway, brat, or lose our words.

Opening up to fantasies also opens us up not just in these vulnerable  ways but also to the risky delicate dance of facilitation and negotiations for some things. As Lee says so nicely in his journal:

Things I often get shy saying, because of fear of rejection, or fear that they will be promised to me but not happen (that has happened a LARGE number of times in my life, and it sucks).  I tend not to tell folks what I really am looking for, because if I get excited about the possibility, I feel let down if it does not happen.  I worry that when I discuss my actual body realities, my health concerns, my safer sex rules, etc, that I may get turned down even after folks get all excited (which has happened many times to be honest).  I have moved for the most part to instead speaking desires out loud, and if they happen, cool.This too, is not the best system.  But its what I can do right now emotionally.  Some days I go proactive.I have major challenges with the shopping-list approach to sexual and kink negotiation.  Sign up here for a gangbang.  Um… gr… just can’t wrap my head around it.

Which brings me to me, and some of my fantasies. Sexual fantasies sounds rather limiting to my mind, so I’m going to call them kinky fantasies. Anyhow, in no particular order:

  • A boot and leather centric scene, blacking a series of leathers through predicament situations and sensation, but also being permitted time to truly just dedicate my entire body to blacking. (requires an existant partner)
  • Sensory depravation. My mind wanders to heavy leather sleepsacks, or palatte wrap, or somesuch similar. A hood. A blindfold. Headphones with pre-programmed music in. Suspended in the air, and just let to feel, to think, to process, and to be. (This would be a deeply personal and carthartic scene, and requires someone willing to help with anything that would need addressing in the intermediate. Pre-planning to have a therapy appointment follow the day before is a must.)
  • To be collared in a more serious collar than a play collar. A collar of daddy’s-girl-hood, protection, perhaps even property. (would depend on many factors for property, that’s a rather charged word to me)
  • Fun and floppily dynamic partial suspensions. Lots of laughter. Lots of lightheartedness. Lots of hitty-hitty.
  • Being bound, somewhere dark for a long time, enough to lose track of time. Occasionally to be used or beaten. (Would need to be someone who is ok with my flipping out/getting emotional)
  • Being drugged and fucked/played with while unconscious.
  • Heavy boot play, my body grinding into the ground beneath you under your soles, your bootprint on the side of my face, treadmarks on my cunt.
  • Combined intense candle wax, rope, and spanking/flogging scene. (relies heavily on the D/s dynamic for this to not just be a very surface scene)
  • Nazi interrogation/rape scene.
  • Having my body pissed on, then my cunt pissed in and fucked full of piss. (obviously someone I’m fluid bonded with)
  • A day of learning whatever lesson Daddy deems I need in order to be able to grow. (potential for fun, or for awful)
  • Going to the movies, or a day at the Aquarium, or to the arcade, with some sort of naughty thing going on under my clothes. With a companion, not just alone. I’ve done this with rope before, so I’d like to add more next time.
  • Electrical play. Let’s not forget the electro-bike saga. I really want to explore this more. I have ideas, and a scary-as-fuck gift to be given once I work up the nerve to do so.
  • To play right on the edge of true fear. Again, like the deeply cathartic scene, this is risky business. I still really want to do it though.

Now, I still have my old style fantasies, where I think intensely hard on one aspect of something I like or have done. Things like the ingenius little leather cuff Daddy owns and which I wore on one of our formative dates. The first time he spanked me, where, when, how, how I felt… and the first time he beat me with his belt, where, when, how, how it felt, how it compares, what I have learned… I dream about mornings waking to Daddy rousing me from my cage for an early morning fuck before we both head off to work. I dream a lot how Daddy takes my breath away, and how happy it makes me feel.

So, I think about fantasies, but I’m shy and unusually awkward compared to how I seem. I am a little girl at heart, and I carry my Daddy’s watchful eye and protective heart with me wherever I go. I’m an autonomous individual, free to do as I please, but knowing I’ve got him in my corner looking out for me is giving me a bit more confidence. Not much though. I’ll likely continue to limit who I will play list rather strictly for the time being. Who knows, maybe that’ll change too!


Review: Private Silicone Packer March 9, 2012

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One of my favourite online shops (favourite because they are one of the few places I’ve found that still carry my favourite lube), SheVibe, recently started up a review programme outside of their on-site reviews and I was more than happy to start working with them. I’ve been in contact with them over the past few months about gender expression items, since when I first started shopping with them they didn’t have any and that made me sad. So I was thrilled to see that they not only wanted opinions on a new packer that they were considering carrying, but that it was silicone! That’s been one of my biggest gripes with packers to-date. By and large they’ve been made of less-than durable materials, and definitely not sterilisable materials. Yes- a packer is generally not a fuck-with-it toy, but I still like to have the ability to sterilise all my toys. One never knows what sort of mischief their cock might get into…

There are a number of things I really like about the Private Silicone Packer. It’s silicone. Let me say that again- it’s silicone. I love this about it. To my knowledge this is only the second packer that is made of silicone that is commercially available without special ordering a custom prosthetic from shoppes geared toward transmasculine individuals. Like I said before, I like things being sterilisable, and silicone is that. Prior to the Private, every packy I’ve had has been made of “cyberskin” or some other form of elastomer material. These materials allow for a nice flaccid-cock squooshy feeling, but are not terribly long-lived and are rather porous, to put it mildly.

The design on the Private Silicone Packer is also rather ingenious, I’ve gotta say. The tabbed design above the shaft on the Private means you don’t need a specially designed packy strap or special packing underwear/harness combo to wear the Private. You can wear it easily with any o-ring harness you like. Now personally I prefer underoos or a packing-specific jockstrap for my soft-packing needs, but if you like to use your harness as a jack-of-all-trades as it were, go for it with the Private.

The sculpt on the Private is also pretty unique. It’s got three-dimensional free-hanging balls. The balls are rather slim, and a on the tear-drop/egg-shaped side of the range of testicle shapes, but they’re not too shabby. They are a centre even-hanging pair of balls, so those of you who prefer to dress to the right or the left might have a bit of difficulty with the Private. The sculpt work on the shaft and head aren’t too shabby here either. I find the shaft a bit veiny for a flaccid penis but other than that it’s decently realistic.

Unfortunately, the sculpt on this and the silicone are also probably the biggest downfall of the Private. The silicone is single density standard sextoy silicone, so it’s rather firm. Too firm, in my opinion. I’d love to see this in the softer silicones used for dual density toys, or possibly made dual density all together. As it stands, it’s far too firm to be a flaccid cock, and ends up creating more than just the realistic bulge one generally wants when packing, and crosses the line firmly into erection in your pants land. This wouldn’t be too bad if the curvature of the cock wasn’t so rigidly formed, because then it could become a pack-and-play. Sadly, the materials memory in the curve of the Private is too strong to even hold upright using two hands, let alone trying to do so mid-fuck.

If the Private were made of dual-density silicone, it would be pretty awesome. As it stands, it’s too heavy and too rigid for most soft packing instances. Now, if you’re looking for a packy that’ll give you the look of a hard on in your trousers with the cuckolding effect of being unable to actually fuck anything with your erection? This might just be the packy for you. Overall, I give kudos for the idea, and think it could be a great packy with some tweaks. As it is right now? Not gonna be my go-to soft pack unfortunately.

Huge thanks to SheVibe not only for letting me review this as a precursor to deciding whether or not to carry it, but also for listening to their customers and adding packers and other gender expression resources to their offerings. It is definitely appreciated.


Slow start to the new year January 12, 2012

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So yes, I’ve been a bit absent again here on the blog (though not on twitter, which is a great way of keeping up with me when I’ve not got it in me to write proper posts). What’s up? Life, oral surgery, pulmonary edema, y’know. All those boring things that get in the way and just suck the writing impetus out of me.

BUT- I’m back now. I’m all healed, I’m off the painkillers, and oh goodness do I have some challenges ahead of me. I’ll let this photo do most of the talking…

Let’s just take a moment to absorb that photo shall we? Do you see the size of that monster plug? Or how about the two giant cocks, not to mention the Cush! Plus the potentially not-so-subtle change in the Ryder, and my beloved silver sparkly “transporter dick” which I was so glad to be able to track down again. Also to come are reviews of two different packers, packing undies, and harnesses!

Looking at the specs for these toys reminds me that for some reason, everyone seems to think I’m a size queen. Either that, or they’ve heard tell of Little Brother’s ass-TARDIS, because I keep getting me some right beefy toys. It’s ok, I’ll take the challenge. I need to test out some new lubes anyhow. Of course, anything of sizeable nature is a given for Little Brother & his Papa to co-review for me too. Everyone’s loved their recent review of the Tantus Cush, so stay tuned for more of those. I have a feeling they’ll have a better shot of managing that 2.5″ diameter plug than I do, but ya never know. At least trying fisiting of some sort is on my bucket list after all. It’s low on the list, but its there.

So, dear readers, this is my promise to you for the new year: I promise to make it through ALL of these toys in a timely manner. I’m hoping for two a month. I’ve also got some special goodies I can’t photograph for ya’ll yet, which are kinda exciting and weird. 2012 isn’t gonna know what hit it (and neither, I fear, will my cervix). Let’s do this!


Review: Tantus Cush O2 (by Little Brother & his Papa) November 30, 2011

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Remember a while back (ok, it’s been a long time, I know. Bad blogger, no spankings!), I mentioned that there were some guest reviews in the works? Well today I bring you the first of them, by none other than my dear Little Brother and his Papa. I’m very excited to welcome them to the blog, and look forward to their thoughts on toys. I’ll be the first to say that what I like and what Little Brother likes in toys are VERY different things, and when you add the third influence of LB’s Papa into the mix? Things start to get interesting.

I was recently sent a rather lovely box of cocks by Jenn at Tantus, and after we were done giggling over the packets of Dildo Tree seeds (I really need to plant these, but I don’t want to open the packet!) I sent the boys off with a couple of the toys to get their opinions on. It was no coincidence that I sent them off with the largest of the cocks from the box. I am many things, but a connoisseur of fat cocks is not one of them (yet). So, with that, I bring you our very first guest review! (My own review will follow shortly.) ~ Elspeth Demina

Okay, I am officially smitten with this 7-inch cock! But let me back up a bit. When we were first given the Cush for review, I expected it to be lackluster at best to strap-on and take it for a ride. I’ve seen a plethora of “real-feeling” dicks in my day. The size and girth were nothing new, and lord knows the options of pink, blue, and purple were more than a bit stale. Then, I strapped into the Cush for the first time. Now this is the moment my love story begins. I fucked the boy for a good solid two-hours that first night, I frankly didn’t want to stop playing with it. Fitting, for something I expected so little of. The base of the Cush sits so firmly, yet is never noticeable. Since that first run, I have used the Cush in every dildo predicament and it has performed flawlessly. I have used it in my hand, with a strap on, and even just in a pair of boxers. I have fucked in almost every position and in every hole, all outcomes stellar. This is the first cock that just felt natural, I never even think of it as anything other then my cock. I even stayed asleep in the boys ass one night, and slept soundly. My only adjustments would be just one more inch on the length, as strapping-on you lose an inch, and for the love of dicks stop making my color choices reminiscent of easter eggs!

– Papa