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Review: Jackboot Paddle August 6, 2012

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What spanko boot lover wouldn’t want a paddle with a nice hefty boot sole? I don’t know, because I definitely wanted it! I had such fantasies about warm, rosy bootprints on my ass the moment I first saw photos of the Jackboot Paddle. The tagline used by the maker is even “Always leaves it’s mark”! The nice folks at SheVibe sent me one to play with, and I was super excited when it arrived in the mail. I promptly delivered it over to Daddy, because it’s not like I’m gonna spank myself with it. I’ve now had the pleasure of playing with it in a few different scenarios and I’ve gotta say- I like it, but not in the way I expected to.

The paddle is much more light-weight than I’d expected it to be. I think the rubber tread is probably the heaviest part of the whole paddle. The wooden base is 1/4″ ply and the boot tread is glued on. I’ve pulled and pried at the tread, and it’s definitely stuck on there solidly. The “stitching” on the sole is faux, just part of the rubber mould for the tread. I’m confident, however, that adhesion of the sole to the wood is not a likely fail point. What disappoints me about the weight of the paddle is (as many impact-toy lovers will know) that light-weight generally means the sensations are on the sting-ier side than the thud-y side. I’m an avowed non-fan of sting-y sensations, with the rare exceptions of bare-handed spanking and belt-spankings, both of which have very unique attributes which trump their sting-y nature. Canes? Oh hell no. Canes are a surefire way to make me run to the other side of the room, and grab any implement I can find to defend myself against you with. With a firm follow-through there is a mix of sting and thud, but the sensation is definitely not what I was expecting. At first I thought perhaps it was because of the rubber of the tread, but then I remembered that I’ve been on the receiving end of the (now discontinued) BadAss Tire Tread Paddles¬†and that was most decidedly a thud-y experience, so I’m pretty sure it’s just the lack of heft in the case of the Jackboot Paddle.

Where I feel this paddle really shines isn’t as a paddle at all really, but as a sensation toy. Dragging the tread along my back, over my ass, scraping my inner thighs, that was awesome. Of course, you can do this with your actual boots on your feet as well (and I like that quite a bit I must say) but the paddle is super handy for angles that are difficult or impossible with boot-clad feet, and also makes this sort of bootplay possible for those with disability. I’m big on accessibility, what can I say? Combining the sensation play of the sole with using the paddle as a paddle worked the best for me. I didn’t mind the sting as much then, because my mind was still focused partially on the scrape-y feeling. Sadly, I have yet to retain an impression from the tread, which was something I was really hoping for. I’ve been told that these paddles are great for making impressions by placing them upon a person and putting weights atop it, or having them sit on the paddle. I can definitely see temporary impressions being much more likely that way, though you’re not going to get tread-shaped bruises, which are what I really wanted. Oh well. I have seen other asses retain a boot-print welt and surface bruise though, so it’s certainly possible. Maybe I just have a resistant ass? Actually, that’s a very real possibility. Anyone who follows my twitter knows my love of marks, and grumpiness when they fade quickly.

Going back to the construction of the paddle, I do have some reservations on the materials choice for the base of the paddle. As I said earlier, it’s decidedly lightweight, and that means that for those who strike hard you run the risk of breaking the paddle. Some of us would be rather amused and delighted at a paddle breaking across our butt, but it still means you’re now left without a toy that you paid for.
I have actually seen one paddle where this happened. It was at Beyond Leather in Florida earlier this year, and indeed a strong strike on firm buttocks and the wood failed rather spectacularly. I’ve not had this happen to me personally, but it’s something to be aware of as a possibility with a paddle that is thin like this, especially if you or your partner are a hard-hitter. If you’ve had toys break across your butt before, you might want to reinforce the back of the paddle. Or not, if you don’t mind breaking toys.

I’m totally stoked that I got to play with this, and now that it’s been added to the toy wall at Daddy’s place I’m sure I’ll get to play with it more. It’s even got me thinking- I have a friend who made a paddle out of purpleheart wood. Got my brainmeats workin’ on an idea for a heavier more thud-y paddle with a sole. Hmm indeed…

So, if you’re a fan of sting-y paddles, a spanko, and/or a boot lover (or have one in your life) I’d say the Jackboot Paddle definitely belongs in your toybag. SheVibe has it for a super-affordable $36 too, which is hard to beat if you ask me.


Review: Private Silicone Packer March 9, 2012

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One of my favourite online shops (favourite because they are one of the few places I’ve found that still carry my favourite lube), SheVibe, recently started up a review programme outside of their on-site reviews and I was more than happy to start working with them. I’ve been in contact with them over the past few months about gender expression items, since when I first started shopping with them they didn’t have any and that made me sad. So I was thrilled to see that they not only wanted opinions on a new packer that they were considering carrying, but that it was silicone! That’s been one of my biggest gripes with packers to-date. By and large they’ve been made of less-than durable materials, and definitely not sterilisable materials. Yes- a packer is generally not a fuck-with-it toy, but I still like to have the ability to sterilise all my toys. One never knows what sort of mischief their cock might get into…

There are a number of things I really like about the Private Silicone Packer. It’s silicone. Let me say that again- it’s silicone. I love this about it. To my knowledge this is only the second packer that is made of silicone that is commercially available without special ordering a custom prosthetic from shoppes geared toward transmasculine individuals. Like I said before, I like things being sterilisable, and silicone is that. Prior to the Private, every packy I’ve had has been made of “cyberskin” or some other form of elastomer material. These materials allow for a nice flaccid-cock squooshy feeling, but are not terribly long-lived and are rather porous, to put it mildly.

The design on the Private Silicone Packer is also rather ingenious, I’ve gotta say. The tabbed design above the shaft on the Private means you don’t need a specially designed packy strap or special packing underwear/harness combo to wear the Private. You can wear it easily with any o-ring harness you like. Now personally I prefer underoos or a packing-specific jockstrap for my soft-packing needs, but if you like to use your harness as a jack-of-all-trades as it were, go for it with the Private.

The sculpt on the Private is also pretty unique. It’s got three-dimensional free-hanging balls. The balls are rather slim, and a on the tear-drop/egg-shaped side of the range of testicle shapes, but they’re not too shabby. They are a centre even-hanging pair of balls, so those of you who prefer to dress to the right or the left might have a bit of difficulty with the Private. The sculpt work on the shaft and head aren’t too shabby here either. I find the shaft a bit veiny for a flaccid penis but other than that it’s decently realistic.

Unfortunately, the sculpt on this and the silicone are also probably the biggest downfall of the Private. The silicone is single density standard sextoy silicone, so it’s rather firm. Too firm, in my opinion. I’d love to see this in the softer silicones used for dual density toys, or possibly made dual density all together. As it stands, it’s far too firm to be a flaccid cock, and ends up creating more than just the realistic bulge one generally wants when packing, and crosses the line firmly into erection in your pants land. This wouldn’t be too bad if the curvature of the cock wasn’t so rigidly formed, because then it could become a pack-and-play. Sadly, the materials memory in the curve of the Private is too strong to even hold upright using two hands, let alone trying to do so mid-fuck.

If the Private were made of dual-density silicone, it would be pretty awesome. As it stands, it’s too heavy and too rigid for most soft packing instances. Now, if you’re looking for a packy that’ll give you the look of a hard on in your trousers with the cuckolding effect of being unable to actually fuck anything with your erection? This might just be the packy for you. Overall, I give kudos for the idea, and think it could be a great packy with some tweaks. As it is right now? Not gonna be my go-to soft pack unfortunately.

Huge thanks to SheVibe not only for letting me review this as a precursor to deciding whether or not to carry it, but also for listening to their customers and adding packers and other gender expression resources to their offerings. It is definitely appreciated.


Slow start to the new year January 12, 2012

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So yes, I’ve been a bit absent again here on the blog (though not on twitter, which is a great way of keeping up with me when I’ve not got it in me to write proper posts). What’s up? Life, oral surgery, pulmonary edema, y’know. All those boring things that get in the way and just suck the writing impetus out of me.

BUT- I’m back now. I’m all healed, I’m off the painkillers, and oh goodness do I have some challenges ahead of me. I’ll let this photo do most of the talking…

Let’s just take a moment to absorb that photo shall we? Do you see the size of that monster plug? Or how about the two giant cocks, not to mention the Cush! Plus the potentially not-so-subtle change in the Ryder, and my beloved silver sparkly “transporter dick” which I was so glad to be able to track down again. Also to come are reviews of two different packers, packing undies, and harnesses!

Looking at the specs for these toys reminds me that for some reason, everyone seems to think I’m a size queen. Either that, or they’ve heard tell of Little Brother’s ass-TARDIS, because I keep getting me some right beefy toys. It’s ok, I’ll take the challenge. I need to test out some new lubes anyhow. Of course, anything of sizeable nature is a given for Little Brother & his Papa to co-review for me too. Everyone’s loved their recent review of the Tantus Cush, so stay tuned for more of those. I have a feeling they’ll have a better shot of managing that 2.5″ diameter plug than I do, but ya never know. At least trying fisiting of some sort is on my bucket list after all. It’s low on the list, but its there.

So, dear readers, this is my promise to you for the new year: I promise to make it through ALL of these toys in a timely manner. I’m hoping for two a month. I’ve also got some special goodies I can’t photograph for ya’ll yet, which are kinda exciting and weird. 2012 isn’t gonna know what hit it (and neither, I fear, will my cervix). Let’s do this!