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Sometimes I need a good release May 5, 2011

Filed under: humor,kink,my life,watersports — Lorax Of Sex @ 3:15 pm

Sometimes life gets the better of all of us, and we just need a release. Right now life has decided to throw itself into a blender and hit “liquify”. Hoo-boy. I feel bad about not having the post I wanted to have for today, but I’m feeling rather honest and open right now so you’re getting this post instead. You see, I’d had this really awesome idea for a Cinco de Mayo post. It was going to be amazing. I was going to have insightful thoughts about the oft joked about and little discussed kink of watersports. I was going to talk about my personal internal conflicts about pee. I was going to share some SERIOUS secrets that I’ve never told anyone. There were going to be pop-music references. It was going to be awesome. Sadly- it hasn’t happened.

I fancy myself a bit of an intellectual and a scholar, and as such I hate the idea of talking on a topic such as this without having some good resources backing me up. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find scholarly sources for information on playing with pee? There’s erotica and porn a-plenty, but actual factual talk about it, especially accounts of what it means to those who like it? Yeah not so much. There are a few health-related things floating around out there, but that’s really about it. So this post will still happen, it’s just gonna be a while in coming. Instead today you’re getting this straight-from-my-fingertips post which isn’t even being run past my editors first! Oooh edge-blogging!

Why tell you all this? And what does pee have to do with Cinco de Mayo? Well… Little Brother and I kinda have a joke going as a result of Twisted Monk’s “Mexican Beer Story”. The video is safe, there’s no nudity or anything. Heck I don’t think there’s even much if any profanity in it! If you’re looking for pointers on how to accomplish the actual enough-pee-for-a-scene situation, or you just want a good laugh, watch the video. Needless to say, I know better than to invite that man over for a beer. As for why I’m telling you this? Partly to say “Hey intertubewebz! I’m looking for thoughts, meanings, information about why you do/don’t do/love/don’t love pee play!”, and partly because I really just wanted to share the links which are keeping me sane right now, and giving me a bit of a release. I know that I’ll be humming this song from Sia all day…