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Little Brother & his Papa – guest reviewers November 22, 2011

Papa has been involved with the kink and queer communities for 13 years and counting.  Many of those have been spent as a sex educator accompanying a degree in Sexology from Antioch, College not University. He is passionate about learning and discovering at all times and has yet to find a subject or topic that does not interest or appall him. Papa identifies as an academic, polyamorous, nerdy, queer, switch who at the end of the day is simply mercurial.

The boy has been a sex educator for 8 years in public health and university settings in addition to the BDSM and Leather clans. Currently the boy is recovering from being the Northwest Community Bootblack 2011, as well as a debuting pornstar, and somehow still actively organizes within the national Leather communities because he is a masochist. In his non-existent down time he plays house with his Papa, is applying for law school, and expanding his dinosaur collection. When forced to identify himself he protests loudly and asks to be called anything but late for dinner. But his most common monikers include pig, puddles and baby boy. His ethos define him more than his genitals most days.

Since it is unclear to people why we strap on and review large dildos (though all men-cis and trans are capable) we are both transgender men. We hate the identity soup that is today’s world but for those wondering we are Queer oriented though mostly live full time as gay men. “Sometimes we spotlight as dinosaurs, friends, lovers, brothers and monsters”, says the boy.

We realize there is a niche to be filled for transgender reviews of products and we are willing to step up and give our two cents. Though please never confuse our opinions, preferences or needs as transmen with the whole community that is transgender people-we are far too diverse a community for that. Some may be appalled we are even willing to share that we are trans to give an example. We believe that education can change the world and we are happy to be a part of your smutty education here with Elspeth.


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