Elspeth Demina

Just another sexy weblog

Elspeth Demina – creator June 27, 2011

Despite the fact that her name, and the name of this blog, comes from her days as a stripper and escort in the game Second Life- Elspeth is far, far more mundane an individual than you’d probably like to imagine. She decided to begin blogging after failing to find points of view which matched her own, and after one too many unfortunate sex-toy mishaps. Always a fan of the balls-to-the-wall way of life, this blog was born to fill the missing niche.

Living in the greater Seattle area, Elspeth spends her free time volunteering with risk-reduction group Stay Safe Seattle, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, and can often also be spotted hanging out in local leather clubs or at the occasional dance night.

A devotee of clit stimulating toys, Elspeth is currently undertaking the grand exploration of g-spot stimulation. Other fascinations include gender-expression, rope, impact and sensation toys, and good lube.

Elspeth has said in the past that her generosity and selflessness will be the death of her, and she’s only half joking.


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