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Review: rodeoH Harness March 28, 2012

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Back in December Scarlet’s Letter did a giveaway on her blog for the new rodeoH harness which everyone was buzzing about at the end of last year. I won. I never win things, so this was pretty exciting. I’d been wanting to try it out. I’d just gotten a new harness, but this was underpants AND a harness in one. I’m a big fan of things I can do multiple things with, and I was in need of new undies, so what the heck? I entered. I won. She mailed it to me. I got it home and opened up the package.

The rodeoH comes in this little microfibre pouch which, I must admit, reminded me a bit of the 90’s. Remember Oakleys? Know anyone who had them? They came in, you guessed it, a small microfibre pouch. Now it makes sense to me for sunglasses to come in such a pouch. It protects the lenses, gives you something to clean them with, I get it. A harness on the other hand? If it’s gonna come in a pouch of some sort I need it to fit stuff. Yes, if I pay attention and fold the rodeoH up I can get it back into its little pouch. But if I’m in a hurry, packing up my toybag and headed off to a play party I don’t want to have to fuss over it. I’d also like to fit other things in alongside my harness. Things like, oh I don’t know, maybe the cock I’m going to use with it, condoms, lube… y’know, things that go hand-in-hand with strap-on use. Also, since the pouch is small, I promptly lost it. It’s buried somewhere in a pile of laundry I’m sure, or it ended up going through the wash and is stuck inside a trouser leg. I’ll find it eventually.

The rodeoH also comes with a dogtag. Yeah, I don’t know why either. There’s this trend right now of toys coming with silly accessories. PicoBong and their weird little D6. Lelo with their cufflinks and pins. Because that’s just what you want when you buy yourself a new dildo or vibrator- a new tie pin. WTF? Most of these are luxury toys at that, and priced rather highly. Cut the crap and drop the price y’all. Anyhow, back to the rodeoH and its silly dogtag. I have nothing against dogtags. I wear one every day (it’s from my Daddy), but why I would want to wear one branded with the harness/underpants I’m wearing is beyond me.

So, silly trinket and too-small storage pouch aside, I’m still not sure how I feel about the rodeoH as a harness but I do know that they rock as underwear. The other day I found myself to be out of clean underwear, sorely in need of doing laundry, but no time before work. I figured why not, and put on the rodeoH, afterall they are designed like underwear. Gotta say, these are probably one of the most comfortable pairs on underpants I’ve worn. Easy to forget that I even had them on, which is a feat of underpants engineering if you ask me. I’d love to go commando, it’s super comfy, but my self-cleaning oven is just a bit too efficient, so it’s not really feasible in my world. Oh well. I’ll gladly wear the rodeoH instead!

As a harness though, the rodeoH falls a bit flat for me. Literally. Putting a cock into the rodeoH, even a small cock, is just too weighty and causes the front of the harness to dip, and my penis to sag. It’s sad really, no one wants a saggy penis. I got the 39-41 inch size in the rodeoH, as I’ve got some hip and thigh, but it’s decently snug. Snugger than I’d normally wear underpants, but not so much that they’re uncomfortable. If I went any smaller I do know that I would have fit issues around the thigh. Also, despite the appearance of standard mens briefs, the rodeoH rides low. Lower than men’s low-rise briefs, and lower than my fancy gay-man underwear from the designer mens underwear store. Once you add the weight of a dipping cock to it, I certainly felt as if the harness was going to slide down my ass mid-fuck. Not cool.  The o-ring on the rodeoH is not as stretchy as I’d expected either. Having tried other integral-ring harnesses which can accommodate some serious dildo-age, I was rather disappointed. Even moreso when I noted that upon inserting (and removing) the first cock I tried with the rodeoH, which was a rather modest 1½” in diameter, the seaming on the o-ring split. Definitely doesn’t bode well for larger toys or rigorous fucking. Lastly, I tried using the rodeoH as a packing harness, but most packys are too soft and slender and slip out through the ring, or dangle most unappealingly as they slip through until the balls block the ring and barely keep the now even more flaccid soft-pack from hitting the floor. This is a place where an extended tab base like that of the Private would be ideal.

I hear that rodeoH has come out with a boxer-brief style harness, and wonder if the addition of legs would give more stability, and allow for getting a size down without being too restricting. I’m curious. As it stands, I liked the rodeoH in theory, but in execution it’s not quite there. Comfy undies though. I think for now I’ll stick to modifying a pair of snug briefs, if I want that look. It’s worked well enough for folk, including Little Brother (who turned me on to the idea). One final note, because it’s been bugging me through writing this whole review. What’s up with the name and the funny capitalisation anyway? I keep wanting to flip it around, hoping it’ll make some cutesey or sexy word, but no- Hoedor. Sounds like the name of a place in Middle Earth. Or a dwarven king. Or something.