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Review: Tantus Cush O2 (by Little Brother & his Papa) November 30, 2011

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Remember a while back (ok, it’s been a long time, I know. Bad blogger, no spankings!), I mentioned that there were some guest reviews in the works? Well today I bring you the first of them, by none other than my dear Little Brother and his Papa. I’m very excited to welcome them to the blog, and look forward to their thoughts on toys. I’ll be the first to say that what I like and what Little Brother likes in toys are VERY different things, and when you add the third influence of LB’s Papa into the mix? Things start to get interesting.

I was recently sent a rather lovely box of cocks by Jenn at Tantus, and after we were done giggling over the packets of Dildo Tree seeds (I really need to plant these, but I don’t want to open the packet!) I sent the boys off with a couple of the toys to get their opinions on. It was no coincidence that I sent them off with the largest of the cocks from the box. I am many things, but a connoisseur of fat cocks is not one of them (yet). So, with that, I bring you our very first guest review! (My own review will follow shortly.) ~ Elspeth Demina

Okay, I am officially smitten with this 7-inch cock! But let me back up a bit. When we were first given the Cush for review, I expected it to be lackluster at best to strap-on and take it for a ride. I’ve seen a plethora of “real-feeling” dicks in my day. The size and girth were nothing new, and lord knows the options of pink, blue, and purple were more than a bit stale. Then, I strapped into the Cush for the first time. Now this is the moment my love story begins. I fucked the boy for a good solid two-hours that first night, I frankly didn’t want to stop playing with it. Fitting, for something I expected so little of. The base of the Cush sits so firmly, yet is never noticeable. Since that first run, I have used the Cush in every dildo predicament and it has performed flawlessly. I have used it in my hand, with a strap on, and even just in a pair of boxers. I have fucked in almost every position and in every hole, all outcomes stellar. This is the first cock that just felt natural, I never even think of it as anything other then my cock. I even stayed asleep in the boys ass one night, and slept soundly. My only adjustments would be just one more inch on the length, as strapping-on you lose an inch, and for the love of dicks stop making my color choices reminiscent of easter eggs!

– Papa