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Review: Berman Venus G July 10, 2011

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In the continuing saga that is my exploration of G-spot stimulation, I decided to give my first G-spot vibrator a try. I’ve had slightly curved vibrators and vibrator/dildo combos before, but as I no longer have them and they weren’t all that curved, I decided to give something designed for G-spot lovin’ a whirl. Off went an email to the lovely folks at Babeland, and onto my porch arrived a new toy. My time with the Berman Venus G has been nothing short of an educational experience.

The Berman Venus G is a slim silicone vibrating G-spot toy from Dr. Laura Berman. The first thing I noticed with this is that it is indeed slim, only 1″ in diameter. The tip of the toy, where it curves up to nudge the urethral sponge, tapers a bit as well. Now, I wouldn’t call myself a size queen (toys like Vixen’s Randy scare the crap out of me), but I found the dainty diameter of this toy a bit underwhelming. This is probably perfect for some folk, but I’m finding that I prefer a girthier toy for this sort of play. I had a hard time getting firm yet comfortable pressure, as the narrowness of the tip of the toy felt more pokey- like the tip of a finger rather than finger pads. I was also unable to really feel much of the rings on the shaft of the toy when I used it for thrusting due to the narrowness of the toy.

The vibration doesn’t really do it for me either on this. I find that the vibration from the three AAA batteries to be remarkably low, given that my beloved Laya Spot was a two AAA toy and definitely blows this out of the water with intensity. If you want very gentle vibration then the Berman Venus G is probably great, but especially for internal vibration I need something far stronger. I will say it is amazingly quiet though, which is always a nice treat.

While I generally prefer smaller palm-able toys for clitoral stimulation, I thought that maybe something longer like this might make it ideal for using on myself whilst wearing a harness, or during partnered sex. So I gave it a shot as a clit vibe, and still that low-intensity vibration killed it for me. I need more oomph than this is capable of even at it’s strongest setting. I really wanted to find a way to make myself love the Berman Venus G, but I just wasn’t feeling it- literally.

Despite this toy being made by Cal Exotics, a company who still manufactures a lot of jelly and PVC toys, it successfully passed the ‘is it really silicone?’ test of attempting to light it on fire with a match. It didn’t burn, melt, disfigure, discolor, or retain soot marks after washing so I feel confident saying that this is indeed 100% silicone. The silicone is of the shinier and thus stickier variety, so this is definitely a toy to keep in a plastic baggie or some other protective sleeve, and it does need wiping down before use just to make sure all the cat hair and dust bunnies are gone. The battery case is actually plastic, not metal as I’d assumed it was. The construction is simple but nice, and the controls were really easy to use even when my hands were all slimy with lube. The battery-cap on this though is tricksey indeed and requires screwing it on just-so.

In the end, the Berman Venus G is just not quite what I’m looking for in my G-spot escapades. It might be someone’s perfect toy, but it’s far from mine. Big thanks to Babeland for being awesome (I bought my first sex-toys from them, many years ago) and sending me the Berman Venus G to play with. I can’t wait to further explore their wide array of G-spot vibrators!