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Review: Tantus Little Secret- Tease (aka the Lime Teaser) June 29, 2011

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I was more than a little sad when I missed the initial call for reviews of the new Tantus Little Secret mini-vibrators. They were cute. They were bright pearlescent colours. They were bullet vibes, something I had a distinct lack of in my toybox. So you can only imagine I’m sure the amount of happy squealing when Good Vibrations put the Little Secret- Tease (aka the Lime Teaser) up for review.

This is one of five new toys from the silicone toy geniuses at Tantus. Despite being aimed at the shyer and first timer spectrum of toy buyers, they still have some definite appeal to toy veterans as well. They consist of a version of the Ro-80mm bullet vibe and a 100% silicone sheath. In the case of the Lime Teaser, it’s shaped almost like a chandelier bulb, with a gently undulating body and a tapered tip. The whole shape is reminiscent of a flame, to me, aside from the fact that it is also a pearly neon green. Those of us who were young (or young at heart) in the 80’s may remember the ecto craze which followed the Ghostbusters, this is totally Ecto-Cooler green. Photos simply don’t do the color justice. It’s made of the glossier of Tantus’ silicones, which means it is incredibly prone to attracting dust, lint, cat hair, and all manner of airborne debris. If you use a lot of silicone toys you’re likely already familiar with this frustration, but if not it’s something worth being aware of. I tend to keep my silicone toys in an inner section of my toybox, or in a plastic zippy bag. Even so, I often have to take a quick toy wipe to them before using them. The vibe itself is a simple one-speed vibe, though more powerful than most generic silver bullets it’s still on the gentle buzz size of things. The removability makes cleaning the toy easy as pie- once you get the bullet out. Even once I managed to pry it out and dripped a bit of lube onto the bullet before re-inserting it into the toy, removing the electrical portion of the Lime Teaser is tricky business. Attempted removal hasn’t yet damaged me or the silicone, but I have lost the purple nubby cover from the bullet button (which I’m assuming renders the bullet no longer water resistant).

The toy definitely lives up to it’s name. The vibration causes the tip of the silicone sheath to flutter similar to the “ears” on some rabbit vibes. Because of this it’s not really a toy for insertion, but it makes a great clit teaser. It wasn’t enough to get me off, but it was certainly enough to make me hungry for something more. A great warm-up or foreplay toy either solo or with a partner. Due to the shape, this is pretty much a clit centric toy. Choke down too far in an attempt to use the body of the toy for more solid stimulation and the little fluttering tip just aggravates the entrance to my vagina. Flipping it over so the tip pointed up was a bit better, but still tickled my labia in an awkward and distracting way. Insertion is rather uncomfortable with the little tip feeling rather poke-y. I also found that the tip was a bit too tickle-y to tease my ass, though I suspect that will vary considerably person to person. In the tub, as this is a water resistant toy, I found bathwater gave too much resistance against the movement of the tip to give me the stimulation I wanted. In the shower it was lovely though, and I do always enjoy the combination of sex with water.

I liked this little toy enough to snag another of the Little Secrets to try out, the Touch (or the Blueberry Bliss as Goodvibes is calling it). Stay tuned for a review of my next Little Secret soon. As always, big thanks to Good Vibrations for graciously providing fun toys for me to play with and share with you. The full Little Secret line, is available from Goodvibes, along with a variety of other lovely mini-vibes. Check ’em out!