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Under The Weather May 2, 2011

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As is often the case during this time of year, when the weather cannot make up it’s mind what to do, I’ve been sick. This means that you lovely folk will have to sit tight a bit until I’m feeling back up to snuff and ready to get back to the task at hand: namely, reviews and some sexy goodness. Here’s a little teaser of what’s to come…

Yes, dear readers, that is my newest acquisition the Njoy Pure Wand. Oh yes, you’ve read others ooh and ahh over it, and now I’ve got one. We’ll see how this goes! I’ll admit, I feel like I have to pee already just thinking about this thing poking at my G-Spot, but I’m determined to find a stimulation method I enjoy. Also coming soon is a special butt-toy guest review! This may become more of a regular occurrence, that is yet to be seen, but trust me you won’t wanna miss this one!

For now it’s back to swigging cold medicine straight outta the bottle, and snuggling up under a leather-pride afghan with my kitty to watch Doctor Who. Here’s to feeling better soon!


2 Responses to “Under The Weather”

  1. Crista.Anne Says:

    A. Your nailpolish makes me weak in the knees. That is fucking hot.

    B. While I know they are exactly the same yours looks bigger than mine in that picture. Maybe your hands are smaller than mine.

    C. Feel better honey. *smooches* I’m on cold meds myself which is why this comment is so disjointed.

  2. Elspeth Says:

    My nail polish makes me think of galaxies or something. It’s amazing. Even better- it’ll be with me for three whole weeks! Huzzah! I have long skinny hands, maybe that’s it? I dunno. Now I wanna compare hands! I promise promise promise to fill y’all in soon about my escapades with the Pure Wand. I gave it a few curious prods, but just wasn’t feeling up to giving it an honest go-round yet. I might have to ask Daddy to help with that :)

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