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I Guess This Is Goodbye, Old Pal April 6, 2011

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Is it wrong to write eulogies for sextoys? I hope not, because that’s kinda what this is. A few days ago my go-to toy of many (and I really mean MANY) years finally died.

I purchased my Fun Factory Laya Spot some 8 or 9 years ago now from Babeland in Seattle. It quickly became my favourite vibrator that I’d ever purchased. As a girl who previously only would get inexpensive toys due to the speed at which I destroyed them, this was my first foray into what seemed at the time like high-end expensive toys. My thought was that maybe a more expensive toy would be more well made and last longer. I guess I was right!

Firstoff, it’s splashproof. This is a big thing for me, as I have a bit of a love-affair with bathing and water. Given the option I’d prefer to masturbate in water, be it the tub, shower, pool, or rain. It’s just my thing. Second, it’s super easy to navigate with + and – buttons for the controls. Press the + button to go through low, med, and high vibration settings, or hold down the + button to access a few varied vibration patterns. To turn it off just hold down the – button to cycle down and power off. Easy! Maybe I’m the only one who has trouble turning off some of the newer toys, so this might seem silly, but I liked the ease of operation. I could manage it with lubed or wet hands easily, which is important. I spent most of my time playing with the medium and high settings, and ignored the vibration patterns entirely. I’m just not a pattern gal, so that “feature” isn’t really for me. Lastly, while the Laya Spot isn’t the quietest of toys I’ve owned, it’s certainly not loud. Nothing you have to worry about someone in the next room hearing, though in a dorm-style hostel you might want to play under-covers with a pillow on top, or in the shower. Not that I’d know anything about that…

I did find that the Laya Spot lost power in it’s vibration when the two AAA batteries got to about half-power, though I’d suspect that most battery-operated toys are going to have this sort of effect. I also did find that in the last year or so it picked up a bit of a rattle. I couldn’t determine if it was the battery case cap, or the motor inside. I can’t complain too much, at almost a decade old I expect some degradation in my toys.

I will miss my Laya Spot, even though it’s garish teal and magenta color scheme was SO not my thing (it comes in more colors now). It was non-threatening enough to use with less adventurous partners, lasted through my marathon masturbation sessions, and joined me on many travels. Definitely one to replace in my toybox, though this time I might get a color combo more up my alley.