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One Kink to Rule Them All (and in the darkness bind them) February 27, 2011

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In the course of conversation with a dear friend today, I was asked “What is your preferred kink?”. Now, anyone who knows me well can predict my grinning and uppity answer “I have to make choices?”. We laughed, continued talking about other subjects in the conversation, and my smartass self was spared having to come up with what I read the question as seeking: my One True Kink.

The question kept popping back into my mind though throughout the day. What is my preferred kink? What IS my preferred kink? I’m not sure. Do I have one? I know there are things I do not like, but that’s not the same. As I rolled the question around in my head, a few questions of my own came up:

Are the things we naturally do, or are drawn to, without even realizing that they are “different”, our preferences? Or would a preference have to be something we consciously choose to engage in and take on?

Do our preferences hold across all lovers and partners, or are they more individual to the individual?

An interesting and thought-provoking question, which has me pondering now more the nature of a “preferred kink” than what specific kink or set of kinks might fall under that heading for me.


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  1. kinkyplay Says:

    I don’t like to number my kinks, because everything is fun & hot! One day it might be one kink more than another, the next day who knows! I hate numbers & rules!

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